1. I R R I T A T I O N
    Excessive smoking can irritate the vocal
    folds and dry the vocal cord mucosa. It can
    cause excessive sputum and a vocal cord
    sense of irritation .
  2. C H R O N I C C O U G H
    Coughing and excessive throat clearing
    are increased in smokers. Coughing causes
    the vocal folds to hit each other forcefully
    to expel mucus. This increases vocal fold
    irritation and swelling
  3. C H R O N I C L A R Y N G I T I S
    Chronic exposure to tobacco chemicals
    leads to a chronic state of inflammation in
    the airway. This leads to chronic laryngitis,
    ongoing inflammation, vocal cord swelling
    and voice loss or hoarseness
  4. P O L Y P S
    Smoking can predispose to growths on the
    vocal folds. Polyps cause a deeper voice, if
    too big, they can block the airway.

5. R E I N K E ‘ S E D E M A
Smoking causes fluid collection in the
vocal folds.This causes the voice to be
deep and hoarse.This is more common in
female smoker’s

6. L E U K O P L A K I A

By definition, it is a white thick patch that
cannot be scrapped off easily. Happens
due to chronic irritation from exposure to
tobacco irritants. It is precancerous

7. C A N C E R
Smokers have a risk of various cancers
such as oral cancer and laryngeal cancer
than non smokers and all affect voice
and articulation

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