Uvulectomy is the removal of the uvula, which is the fleshy structure that hangs at the back of
the oral cavity above the throat. It is a very old practice, mostly carried out by untrained
traditional healers for both medical reasons and traditional beliefs. In modern medicine, it is very
rarely done. The uvula is believed by these traditional healers to be the source of all throat
infections, as well as other symptoms, which is not the case.
The uvula has its role in the human body, such as contributing to speech and saliva production,
and prevents food from going into the nose during swallowing. However, very rarely it might be
implicated in a disease condition. These are better managed by trained medical personnel,
depending on the disease.
Most of the patients seen who have had their uvula removed, had the procedure done
traditionally. The safety measures taken and sterility of the instruments used in these
circumstances cannot be guaranteed. Many of these patients will present later with complications
such as bleeding, infections and some cases of deaths due to these complications have been
If a patient experiences any sore throat, snoring or any symptoms related to the throat, it is
advisable to be seen by a trained ENT clinical officer, medical officer, or an ENT specialist.
Patients should also avoid self-medicating for these symptoms before seeking medical care.

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