Pain is usually present from day 1 and patients may experience fluctuations in
pain levels. Pain medicines should be taken for the full course. However, pain
may be aggravated by eating hard foods such as crackers or chips. Hot and chili
foods are likely to increase pain. As much as it is advisable to drink much
fluids, acidic juices and fruits like lemon and grapefruit are best avoided as they
can irritate the operation site. Antibiotics may be prescribed to prevent infection
but not always. White patches are usually seen in the mouth around the area of
surgery. These will go away as healing progresses. No attempt should be made
on scrapping them off as this may lead to bleeding. Bad breath usually persist
until healing is complete. Follow up visit is usually scheduled in two weeks
after discharge. Snoring may persist after surgery due to presence of
inflammation, but normal breathing should resume by 10-14days.
Patients may leave theatre with a bandage around the head which will be
removed the

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